API.AI for Slack

Build Conversational Slack Bots

It's easy. It's fun. 

It's Alive!!
Slack + API.AI

Build a smarter conversational Slack bot.

You don’t have to be a mad coding scientist to build a smart conversational bot.
Our single-button integration with Slack means no coding.

In the time it takes to heat up an everything bagel, you could have a Slack bot
with advanced context, dialog management support and fulfillment.

3 simple steps to building
your very own smarter Slack bot

Step 1

Provide a few examples of how people may talk to your bot, and we'll take care of managing the conversation.
Your users can chat naturally - no need to memorize special commands.

Describe dialogs in the API.AI developer console

Step 2 

Connect your bot to your web service to fulfill user requests (users don't want to just chat, right?).

Connect with your web services for request fulfillment

Step 3 

Have it up and running with one click.
And it's alive!

Test and launch in Slack

3 steps and you’re done, son.