Build Conversation Actions
for the Google Assistant

Whether you have a service that helps people get things done or provides them with entertainment, API.AI makes it easy to build and deploy rich conversational experiences for the Google Assistant.

Known as “Conversation Actions”, these experiences are available to Google Assistant users on Google Home and, in the near future, on other surfaces where the Google Assistant is present, like Pixel phones and Google Allo.

Build your Conversation Actions today with these simple steps

Step 1

Create interaction scenarios and design conversation flows by providing examples of user requests and defining responses.

Describe dialogs in the API.AI developer console

Step 2 

Use webhooks to connect your business logic and fulfill user requests.

Connect with your web services to fulfill requests

Step 3 

Turn on the Actions on Google integration to make your agent available for Google Assistant users on Google Home as a Conversation Action.

Deploy to Actions on Google

Create your Conversation Actions today.

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