Follow-up intent name Description Sample expressions
custom Write in your custom expressions. N/A
fallback Fallback if no other expression is triggered. N/A
yes Commons expressions to capture an affirmative response.


"do it"




"of course"

"sounds good"

"that's correct"

"I don't mind"

"I agree"

no Common expressions to capture a negative response.


"don't do it"

"definitely not"

"not really"

"thanks but no"

"not interested"

"I don't think so"

"I disagree"

"I don't want that"

later Common expressions to do something later.


"not yet"

"ask me later"

"not "

"next time"

"I said later"

"some other time"

"do it later"

"not at the moment"

"not at this time"

cancel Common expressions to cancel an action or exit.





"forget that"

"stop it"

"never mind"

"do nothing"

"just forget about it"

"cancel that"

more Common expressions to get more information or manage lists.


"more results"

"anything else"

"other results"

"what else"

"are there more"

"tell me more"

"show me more"

"more information"

next Common expressions to manage lists or select items.


"next page"

"go forward"

"show me next"

"following result"

"switch to the next"

"go to the next page"

"read the next results"

"show me the next page"

"show me the following results"

previous Common expressions to manage lists or select items.



"go back"

"previous page"

"previous results"

"return to the previous"

"return to previous page"

"go to the previous page"

"go back to previous results"

"read out the previous results"

repeat Commons expressions to repeat or do something again.


"repeat it"

"come again"

"do it again"

"say it again"

"say the same again"

"please repeat that"

"repeat these results"

"could you repeat that"

"repeat what you've just said"

select.number Common expressions to manage lists or select items.


"I choose number 3"

"see 1 2 3 4 and 5"

"number 4 5 7 and 8"

"select the first one"

"show me the second one"

"choose 1st and 2nd one"

"choose numbers 1 2 3 and 5"

"the 1st one and the 2nd one"

"I select number 2 and number 5"