API.AI’s Cisco Spark and Tropo Solution at Cisco Live!

It’s always exciting to do a little show-and-tell with products you’re proud of. That’s why we can’t wait to be at Cisco Live in Las Vegas from July 10-14, where we’ll be demonstrating API.AI’s latest integrations with Cisco Spark and Cisco-owned Tropo. We’ll be exhibiting at the event as well – if you’re attending, come by and see us at booth C7.

Tropo and Spark are each part of Cisco’s suite of communications solutions. Tropo is a cloud API for communicating via voice and SMS messaging, intended for large-scale enterprises and service providers. Using Tropo, developers and companies can automate real-time communication over voice and messaging channels – especially valuable as a platform for fostering collaboration in the cloud.

Spark is an enterprise messenger that features options for voice and video communication. Cisco has opened the APIs for Spark so that enterprise developers are welcome to customize the technology as needed.

Our Tropo and Spark integrations team up those technologies with API.AI’s own natural language understanding capabilities, adding the rich possibilities of conversational user experiences to these communications tools. Developers taking advantage of these new integrations can create bots and interfaces that comprehend natural speech and respond in real-time. And, our Tropo and Spark integrations are designed to accommodate business needs and common corporate policies around security, privacy, safe control over data, interoperability, and conforming with IT standards.

We’re proud to say that these integrations have already proven themselves to be valuable solutions for building powerful cloud-based collaboration tools, as our partner Redbooth can attest. Redbooth offers a cloud-based collaboration product that assists business teams in easily communicating ideas, amplifying productivity and performance. It makes use of Tropo and Spark in order to implement several aspects of its product’s communications functionality (for example, adding telephony to let users easily turn online conversations into phone calls with the click of a button for when instant voice communication is essential). Now using API.AI’s integrations, Redbooth has added a task management feature and has produced a bot that engages with users through natural language conversations – and can retrieve any information stored within Redbooth’s software. Users can simply speak with Redbooth’s bot just as they would with another person and receive a highly satisfying user experience.

Anyone at Cisco Live interested in developing conversational bots and interfaces for their communications solutions should come by and say, ‘Hi.’ We’d love to see you there.