About API.AI
Specialized platform for adding natural language understanding capabilities
into your products and services.

Based on state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, the API.AI platform provides tools that help you design unique conversation scenarios, define corresponding actions and analyze interactions.

One-click integrations with major platforms and a broad set of pre-built domains make prototyping and launching your conversation-enabled solutions fast and enjoyable.

The API.AI team and board of advisors brings decades of experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning and human-computer interaction services.

Executive Team

  • Ilya Gelfenbeyn

  • Artem Goncharuk

  • Pavel Sirotin

    VP Knowledge
    and Interaction Design
  • Chris Blocker

    VP of Sales and Partnerships
  • Claire Umeda

    VP of Marketing

Board of Advisors

  • Stephen Wolfram

    Founder & CEO of Wolfram Research, creator of Mathematica & Wolfram|Alpha
  • Mike Cassidy

    VP & Project Leader of
    Project Loon at Google