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  • User speaking
    Hey Calendar, schedule lunch with
    Mary Johnson at 12 pm tomorrow.
    API.AI processing
      "name":"Lunch with Mary Johnson",
      "invitees":["Mary Johnson"],
  • Device Icon
    Show the route to Battery Park.
    Smart Glasses
      "action": "navigation",
      "destination":"Battery Park"
  • Female API.AI User
    I need to fly to Boston next Tuesday.
    Voice-Enabled App
      "departure_location":"San Francisco",
  • Male API.AI User
    Please help me find the best Italian restaurant nearby.
    Smart Car
  • Older, Male API.AI User
    Set thermostat to 72 degrees.
    Smart Home
  • API.AI User
    I'm in the mood for a comedy.
    Smart TV
Integration Spotlight
  • Slack

    Build an intelligent chatbot for teams. Launch immediately with our one click integration or host it on your own server.
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  • Facebook Messenger

    Build a conversational bot for Facebook users. Deploy with our one-click integration or host it on your own server.
    Learn More
  • Twilio SMS

    Build a rapport-building text messaging chatbot in minutes. Launch in minutes with our one-click integration.
    Learn More
We've integrated with many popular platforms. See how easy it is to expose your agent to a new channel of users.
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  • The Whole Package
    Complete Solution
    Voice Recognition + Text-to-Speech + Natural Language Understanding + Conversational Management + Fulfillment.
  • Cheat-Sheet Document with Pre-Defined Knowledge Included
    Knowledge Included
    Leverage predefined knowledge packages collected over several years, including encyclopaedic data, weather, news, booking, flight schedules, and much more.
  • Light Bulb Image
    Machine Learning
    Provide a few examples, and our platform will navigate your system to learn and understand the intent of your users using natural language.
  • Two Way Conversation with Support
    Conversation Support
    Switch seamlessly between conversation topics, while remembering where you left off for each one.
  • Rotating Cog
    Leverage integrations with Webhooks, Alexa, Cortana and messaging platforms (Slack, Facebook, etc.).
  • Space Ship Lifting Off
    Easy to Get Started
    Create an agent in minutes with no code required.
  • Computer and Mobile Device
    Cross-platform Support
    SDKs for iOS, Mac OS X, Apple Watch, Android, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, C#, Python, Unity, Ruby, Xamarin, and more.
  • Globe Image
    Multi-lingual Support
    Support for 14 languages. More coming soon!
  • Speed Monitor
    High Performance
    We process millions
    of user requests daily with 99.99% guaranteed uptime.
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