Build delightful and natural conversational experiences

Give users new ways to interact with your product by building engaging voice and text-based conversational apps with API.AI.

Use machine learning to understand what users are saying

Provide us with examples of what a user might say when interacting with your product. Using years of domain knowledge and natural language understanding, we analyze and understand the user's intent to help you respond in the most useful way.

Reach more audiences, wherever they are

On any platform

Bring your conversational app to any platform your users are on, such as the Google Assistant, Slack, Cortana, Alexa and Facebook Messenger.

Across devices

Whether users are on-the-go or at home, engage with them through wearables, phones, cars, speakers and other smart devices.

Around the world

Broaden your reach globally with 14+ supported languages including Spanish, French, and Japanese.

See who's using API.AI

Companies of all sizes use API.AI to help them serve their users and reach their business goals.

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